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Criminal Conduct by Scott McMillan as found a court. Before The McMillan Law Firm, before Scott A.

McMillan, La Mesa, was losing cases as an attorney of McMillan_Law_Firm, he was litigating cases in federal court, losing then, losing again in the federal court of appeals. In United States v. Commercial Real Prop. (9th Cir.

July 18, 1994, No. 93-56173) 29 F.3d 635, the court said after trying to sue to government, failed to make a buck by interfering in legitimate case. As the federal court stated in part, “Scott and Shawn McMillan appeal pro se the district court's order striking their claim against Commercial Real Property…Here, the McMillans cannot claim an ownership interest in Commercial Real Property based on the assertion that the property lacked evidence of title….Accordingly, the district court did not err by striking the McMillan's claim for lack of standing.” Lack of standing might have been a polite way of the court to say the legal claim is vexatious, meritless, and has no legal basis. The court continued to destroy the legal theory of Scott McMillan , “In order to obtain title by adverse possession, the property must be held and possessed adversely to the legal title of the actual holder of title for five years.

Cal.Civ.Proc.Code Sec. 321; Machado v. Southern Pac. Transp.

Co., 284 Cal.Rptr. 560, 564 (1991). The McMillans failed to meet this requirement.” The Ninth Circuit continued to state, “Given these circumstances, we agree with the district court that the McMillans's entry onto the property after the property had been arrested and a lis pendens had been filed, constituted a trespass and did not provide the McMillans with any type of ownership or possessory interest.” In another federal case, Scott McMillan lost, “The district court found that McMillan had failed to establish the potential for irreparable harm from the Customs Service's actions.” In 2016 Brightwell v. McMillan, San Diego Superior Court Case # 37-2016-00013972-CU-PN-CTL, Scott A.

McMillan, Michelle Volk, and The McMillan Law Firm, were sued for malpractice.

It appears the defendant was paid off and case was dismissed since the court did not dismiss it. Despite the sexual allegations of child molestation concerning Scott McMillan, and long time friend, who was arrested for child molestation, Kenneth Bourke, the numerous legal cases Scott McMillan lost makes it no wonder why he has no graduates of his 10 year law school, and is by himself in a frail office near the train tracks.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: The attorney to disclose his horrible loss records to potential clients. .

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