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Scott McMillan La Mesa Attorney, San Diego County, The_McMillan_Law_Firm, had sued and lost of course, but then appealed. Scott McMillan appealed and lost being deemed a vexatious litigant by the defense attorney.

In McMillan v. Weathersby (9th Cir. 2002) 31 F.App'x 371, 374. [Appeal from the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

D.C. No. 95-CV-3934TW(LAB). Thomas J.

Whelan, District Judge, Presiding.] “None of the three main episodes that McMillan offers supports granting a mistrial. McMillan first asserts that defense counsel violated the court's in limine ruling barring reference to McMillan as a "vexatious litigant" by referring to McMillan's other lawsuits in his opening statement.” Scott McMillan is now trying to defend a legal malpractice and fraud case filed in San Diego federal court. "The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks general and special damages, declare that the plaintiff is entitled to receive the entirety of the settlement funds totaling $151,922.59, interest, punitive damages, all legal fees and any other relief as this court deems just. Brightwell is represented by Joshua M.

Heinlein and Joseph S. Leventhal of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP in San Diego." See In Lycurgan, Inc. v. Todd JonesFiled (ATF Chief), Ninth Cir., Case No.

15-55228, SDCA Case No. 3:14-cv-01424, the court dismissed yet another case of Scott McMillan, where it said, "Accordingly, we dismiss this appeal for lack of jurisdiction. DISMISSED." In this same case Scott McMillan, Attorney San Diego, had also filed a declaration alleging he was abused and harassed by upstanding federal agents, but he also claimed the federal agents had stolen and vandalized property. Michelle Volk Attorney in San Diego was co-counsel on this case, but has since moved on to greener pastures working for an Air Conditioning Company.

At oral argument in the same case against the ATF, just a couple of months ago, a federal judge told Scott McMillan attorney, "This is just silly" and "not based on principle" concerning the appeal he brought. In my view this is a waste of judicial resources and vexatious litigation where resources are used by the court to handle "silly" cases. Scott McMillan appears to have not told a witness, Leesa Fazal Las Vegas, that it might be against the law if she brought a firearm into a San Diego Court.

Scott McMillan stood helplessly by while Leesa Fazal Nevada Attorney General Investigator was told not to leave and taken to a back area not open to the public. Scott McMillan Attorney San Diego,

Product or Service Mentioned: The Mcmillan Law Firm Legal Service.

I didn't like: Scott mcmillan la mesa attorney, Scott mcmillan attorney san diego.

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I have seen the video about Scott McMillan the La Mesa attorney being told by a federal judge his case was "silly". It looks like his former associate Michelle Volk attorney in San Diego now works for an air conditioning company since it appears The McMillan Law Firm continues to go down hill. Did anyone see this website?

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